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Selfie presents Sami Halonen

Who are you and what do you do? 
Höyry is a digital and advertising agency. Our headquarters are in Rovaniemi, Finland and we also have offices in Oulu and Kittilä. We focus on two primary branches: advertising agency services and software. 
On a project basis, we provide companies with corporate image and brand development services, as well as websites. We also work as their partners in marketing design and implementation. Our software production involves extensive online services, as well as the design and implementation of digital tools and mobile applications for our customer companies. 
Our personnel includes three co-owners and five hired employees. Most of our customers are from Lapland and North Ostrobothnia, but an increasing number are coming from other parts of Finland as well.  
How did you become an entrepreneur? 
I became an entrepreneur in 2009 when I realised that I could build a business around selling my expertise. In 2013, Jussi Tuoma and Kalle Tapio joined the company as co-owners and we began providing the range of services that we have today. 
What are you like as a person?  
I see myself as a rather ordinary guy, but I do like my work a lot and it's a big part of my life. I'm a social visionary and quick at making decisions. 
What is your motto? 
I think we can do that. 
What kind of attitude do you think an entrepreneur needs? 
You have to be assertive and persistent, but also willing to experiment and make mistakes since this helps you to redirect your strategy. Entrepreneurs must be at the front line of their company and show healthy self-confidence in what they do. 
What is your message to someone considering entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is a way of life. Build your business so that you can gradually grow it, do not be content with employing only yourself. Focus on networking – for an entrepreneur, knowing a lot of people is even more important than outstanding professional skills. Through your contacts, you will be able to take things forward and, of course, close business deals. 
Also remember to make a few trusted friends with whom you can reflect on entrepreneurship and running a business. In addition to peers, you can also turn to experts from various fields. There's no need for you to learn everything by yourself or the hard way. 
What are your hopes for the future? 
In 2018, we will expand into global markets with our own products. I hope that this project will succeed and that we manage to create an entirely new and profitable business area, in addition to our service sales. 

Selfie presents Sami Halonen

Entrepreneur: Sami Halonen 
Company: Digi- ja mainostoimisto Höyry Oy 
Line of business: Advertising agency, software design and production 
Founded: 2013  
Number of personnel: 8  




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