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Selfie presents Juha-Matti Sivula



Who are you and what do you do?

We keep our customer companies up to date by explaining what their reports actually mean and how they should respond to them. This enables entrepreneurs to focus on running their core business. We also provide statutory accounting and payroll services.

We view new technology as an opportunity – or even a necessity. We actively explore new solutions that facilitate our work; when we find a good one, we implement it in a flexible manner.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

When I was buying accounting services myself, I had the idea of an interactive and counselling accounting firm. Back then, the range of accounting services was complex and their pricing was difficult to understand. For this reason, most of our customers pay a fixed monthly fee.

When I founded my accounting firm in July 2011, there were two of us: myself and one customer. Since then, we have grown rapidly. Today we have offices in three localities.

What are you like as a person?

I really want to help our customers and take their business forward. I always aim to stay one step ahead, trying to look ahead and identify opportunities.

We also emphasise personal service. Each of our customers has a designated accountant as their contact person. This enables us to really know our customers and vice versa.

What is your motto?

Effective invoicing is the prerequisite for growth.

What kind of attitude do you think an entrepreneur needs?

Focus on networking, because nobody can manage alone. It takes time to polish a diamond – persistent work will pay off. Get down to work. It takes hard work to achieve your goals.

What is your message to someone considering entrepreneurship?

Tell your family and closest friends about your idea. Discuss your plans with an accounting firm. Ask for feedback on your plans. If you encounter doubts or criticism, reconsider your plans. If you still believe in your idea, do not hesitate to go for it. Very few entrepreneurs have a unique business idea – the ability to implement your plans is crucial.

If you don't have goals, it will be difficult to move your business forward. You should therefore set goals for your business. They can be something other than growth or money, such as having more free time. However, remember that you cannot have long-term business operations if you don't make a profit! Even a small profit will build a buffer for a rainy day and enable investments.

What are your hopes for the future?

We have been lucky to have been able to work with great customers for many years. What was once a one-man company has gradually become a large team. I hope that this great team can continue to serve a constantly growing clientele and further deepen our customer relationships.



Yrittäjän selfiessä Juha-Matti Sivula

Entrepreneur: Juha-Matti Sivula

Company: Vihainen Talouspäällikkö Oy

Line of business: Accounting and financial statements services

Founded: 2011

Number of personnel: 13




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